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  • [ 20.5 b2 ] Campfire - Overproduction is discarded


    Hey Guys,


    great game, keep up with the good work!


    1. I've placed a workbench.

    2. I've started to craft 10k cobblestone (more than would fit into the output channel)

    3. I've not touched the workbench for a couple of hours (real time), meaning that I would expect all stuff to be finished

    4. I've opened the "inventory" of the workbench:

    - all 6 output slots were full with cobble stone (1k per slot)

    - the workbench still had cobblestone in the crafting queue

    ! the ammount of cobble stone in the crafting queue run down very very quickly

    - I've removed some items from the output

    - the workbench started to emit item again in the output

    ! however, I lost some items while the output slots where full and I've opened the inventory of the workbench

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    Hi there, we will need some more information from you to look into this. Please read this post and provide the requested details, thank you!


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    So far I've not been able to reproduce the behavior. I did get it to spam leftover crafting into my inventory but I didn't lose anything. Something to check out further.

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