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    I've gone into the game's default progression.xml, and looking at "perkLockPicking" we can see this:


    <passive_effect name="LockPickTime" operation="perc_subtract" level="1,3" value=".17,.375"/>


    Rank 1 = .17
    Rank 2 = .2725
    Rank 3 = .375


    Now looking at the game's tooltip / description for the perk we see this:
    Rank 1 ="You can pick locks 20% faster"

    Rank 2 ="You can pick locks 40% faster"

    Rank 3 = "Pick locks 60% faster"

    I went ingame, and tested each rank, including default (Rank 0) and got these values:

    (NOTE: Testing on 4 Different Locked Gunsafes, different gunsafe due to starting a lockpick session seems to have issues when adding points)
    Gunsafe #1, at Rank 0: 20 Seconds

    Gunsafe #2, at Rank 1: 16.5 Seconds

    Gunsafe #3, at Rank 2: 14.5 Seconds

    Gunsafe #4, at Rank 3: 12.5 Seconds.


    Ok so going from Rank 0 to Rank 1 (supposed to be 20% Faster) we go from 20 Seconds, to 16.5 Seconds (which is 17% or .17, which is in line with the Rank 1 code)

    Going from 20 Seconds to 14.5 Seconds is 27.25% Faster, ( .2725 when referencing the code for Rank 2)

    Going from 20 Seconds to 12.5 Seconds is 37.5% Faster, ( .375 when referencing the code for Rank 3)

    My Conclusions:


    #1: The Description/Tooltip is a typo, and should read:

    Rank 1 = "You can Pick Locks 17% Faster"

    Rank 2 = "You can Pick Locks 27.25% Faster"

    Rank 3 = "You can Pick Locks 37.5% Faster"


    #2: The code for the passive_effect needs updating:

    <passive_effect name="LockPickTime" operation="perc_subtract" level="1,2,3" value=".2,.4,.6"/>



    #3: I'm an idiot, and I'm missing something here.

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    The difference is about what is regarded as 100% and is 20% subtracted or added. If 100% is your speed at rank 3, and you increase 12.5 seconds by 60% you arrive at 20.



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