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Suggestion for traders npcs


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I was thinking it would be neat to have a kind of "special order" menu option: worded like "I'm looking for something"


It would open a menu that lists everything in the world that the player can have in their inventory; every weapon, resource, tool, and block you might otherwise buy/craft/loot from the world. You could then use a search bar to narrow down what your looking for, and when you find it; you drop it into a box and when done click a button to continue. The trader then has a chance to obtain that item: higher that the odds of it showing up at random in their stock or wares. Maybe a 25% chance of it showing up the next time their inventory changes, 10% that it would show up at the start of any other day. Also, the number of special orders you could put in at any given time is effected by a perk; such as the barter perk.


An example would be if I was looking for a silencer: I go to the trader choose "I'm looking for something" on their menu, type in the search box S-I-L-E-N-C, by then it should be a short enough list, and drag the silencer mod and the schematic for the silencer into the list of items I want to order (assuming my barter skill is high enough to be able to order two things at once), then hit done. Then I check back every day until one or both of the items shows up.


I don't think this would hurt game balance because you still have to pay for the items you want, and maybe a mark up on the price too, and because the trader doesn't refresh their inventory list every day and the chance to get the item is rather low; it could take awhile to get something.

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