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-=The Hated Crew=- A17/ A16 RH HOE


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Hello fellow survivors, we are currently running a server that has the most recent A17 build, and A16.4 RH HOE (RavenHearst Hell On Earth edition). We are running on a dedicated machine hosted out of a data center in Dallas, Texas, USA with Alloc's Server fixes, OC's Server Tools, Catalysm's CSMM and CPM, with discord integration and a helpful group of Admins and users. We accept all skill levels From naked Newbies to Hardened survivors of the apocalypse. Check us out on our website: http://www.thehatedcrew.com


If you have any questions about our server feel free to join our discord at http://discord.thehatedcrew.com we are available throughout the day and can answer any questions or concerns you may have with the game.


Have Fun and Keep ON Surviving :peace:

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