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A17 Experimental Feedback


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Please note that this feedback is a collective of my personal view, and those of my group of friends.

We have played 7days since the 31st of July 2014.

We have seen the game grow through many stages, with all it's ups and downs.

But with the release of the A17 experimental build, we feel the need to give our feedback.

Please keep in mind that this is our view on the game.

We expect this view to be shared with many other players that have played through the many changes of 7days,

but we understand that not everyone shares the same view! And we hope you understand this too.



In the 4 hours we played, we have scavenged a single bigger house, and a couple of small buildings.

The small buildings did not yield much, but the big house sparked some red flags.

3 Shotguns in a single crate, 2 hunting bows, multiple pistols from various toilets, this did not seem right.

After our session I went into creative on a new world to go through the same house, this is what I found:

Shotgun - Shotgun - Shotgun - Pistol - RocketLauncher

HuntingRifle - SMG - SniperRifle - IronGloves - HuntingBow - HuntingBow - HuntingBow - HuntingBow - HuntingBow


16xShotgunAmmo 21x7.62Ammo 32xPistolAmmo 5xFragRocketAmmo 1xAdvancedMuffleConnectors

And some other random stuff that pales in comparison.





This just can't be right.

We noticed we did not receive any gun parts either, only full guns.

Also for some reason the quality colors changed, but the quality numbers were still quite low..

then it hit us.



1. No more gun parts, and how this ruins the pace and base fundamentals of the game.

What did a 7days player strive for in the past?

Building a good secure base, utilizing any parts they manage to scrape together.

Using guns to scavenge was not always an option, it was a good backup "just in case" at best.

Weapons were not easy to come by, as you had to find the parts and the schematic to assemble them.

So players had to get creative with their placement, they had to be sneaky around this new idea called "sleeper zombies"!

Bow and Arrow were your best friend, along with a melee weapon of your choice.

But all was based on your level, your investment in that current session.

Your weapons improved along side you, and you improved along side your weapons.

All while scavenging further for those sometimes seemingly elusive parts you still needed to assemble your favorite gun.


This is all gone now. Why has so much GOOD effort been put in improving the stealth system?

When it's all immediately undone by the first (second if really unlucky) house you come across?


Where is our goal in scavenging now? (This question will be asked again in point 2)

When all you really need is right there in the first couple of houses?

I'm sure scavenging further for weapon mods is an idea, but this should be an endgame thing..

not something to do the very first day!

Being able to craft military grade weapons from forged iron and duct-tape does not really sound like a great idea either!

I would put it in it's separate point, but seeing that it ties into the lack of gun parts it's right here.

If a player is near end-game, with a forge and a workbench, pumping out guns for a ridiculously low amount of materials

is the first thing they should do kill the remaining playtime they could have had.


It feels wrong, knowing that when I move bases, I won't be sweating every step hauling over 10 tonnes of rock and wood,

but instead sweat by hauling over tonnes of loot as if this is Borderlands, or god forbid a Battle-Royale game. (PLZ not 7days)



2. Quality simplification.

I have to be honest here; I was not 100% on-board when the first switch to quality was made.

I did not learn to love it, I learned to respect it for what it had done to the game.

It added a whole new layer to scavenging, where one finds a tool or a gun, but has not reached it's potential yet.

A good sense of gratification, a tool or gun you are now able to utilize but you know it can be better than it already is!

This is what the Quality on items did to 7days, and it has multiplied the enjoyable and positive experience of playing by a tenfold.

No longer would you find a tool or a gun and *snap*.. "don't got to worry about that one anymore!".

Why the simplification? Was 600 too high of a number for players?

I admit it may have been a little bit overwhelming at first to understand, but especially with the later update on how your skills affected the crafted tool quality, things were incredibly well explained through playing.


Though there STILL is a quality on the items.. I ask again; where is our goal in scavenging now?

When before a quality 250 tool/rifle was a huge improvement over even our 220 tool/rifle,

the jumps of 100 quality with every step is way too high to even warrant checking that extra house.

What if I end up with 10xShotgun?

I would rather have 10 shotguns ranging from quality 400 to 499 so I could put them together and make use out of them for more than just their durability.

The sense of improvement is powerful!

If 1-600 is too complicated to players, perhaps simplifying it to 1-60 may be a better alternative?

So we at least have x1 to x9 to feel like we improved our precious gun, rather than slam parts together just for durability sake.



3. Final few words.

Like I've stated we have played 7Days through the good times and the bad.

We have not stopped enjoying this game and have played around the few parts we don't like.

Not that our total amount of playtime and support since 2014 gives us any greater of a voice over others,

but I mention this to show how invested in the game we are, and how much we want to see it succeed.

But we are currently really scared of the future of 7Days. As it starts to feel less like a post apocalyptic zombie survival game,

and more like a tactical pvp oriented game like Rust.

Yes, we are aware this is an experimental, and that is exactly why we voice our concerns with our hopes to have this improved.


We need a reason to scavenge.

We need a drive to scavenge more.

We need a thrill to scavenge up to endgame.

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