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REQUEST to server owners, logfiles needed


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Hi server owners. I am currently working on a log parser for dedicated 7 Days To Die servers with a web front-end. It could be used to get some statistics on your server or maybe even extended to be a Server Manager in the future.


While creating the parser I currently rely on the logs of my own server (which has an uptime of about 11 hours now, and me as the only player... not much to parse there) but I would really like some more logs from other servers as well in order to parse as much as possible. Any server configuration will do.. EAC, non-EAC, vanilla, modded, A16, A17..


If anyone is willing to share one or more logfiles from there dedicated server with me it would help me a lot in improving the parser.




(Note: This project is currently more for fun and to see if it can grow into someting useful, I cannot guarantee it will ever become a downloadable product. If at any point I decide to drop the project, I am willing to share the source with anyone wanting to continue it. The project is a Django app)

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