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Question regarding Building Blocks, other Items


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Hi folks,


I am usually mostly a builder of stuff, and try to make my builds look homely. I am normally part of a small

group of friends on a private server, and we all have our areas of specialisation. In my case: building the home.



To the matter at hands...


I have noticed a long time ago, that the arches (3m) were introduced into the game and was very happy about them.

But they are only available in creative mode. I thought, they will be implemented in Survival mode in A17, but am now wuite disappointed, that they are not. Also, a great great multitude of awesome blocks and shapes and items exist in the game, but

are only ever accessible in creative, like door frames, off-center supports etc.


Although I'd wish for simple, plain 4 and/or 5m arches, and would absolutely love to see curner versions of these blocks exist,

I can see that they may not be top priority for the Devs.


However, they oddly enough decide to add a ton of other sometimes oddly specific block shapes to the game.


What's worst, they decide to keep the most interesting and cool blocks locked away in creative mode alone, which I find strange indeed.


I have a soft spot for old Architectural styles, and tall ramp corners for tower roofs etc. would be great. but are barred.

3m arches used without the middle part make for excellent 2m gothic arches (as would 5m arches used across 4m gaps)


Door Frames craftabe and useable by players can serve as window trim to great effect, especially with the very awesome tool of paintbrush and paint.


I have to admit, I am a bit frustrated by the choices of the Devs, to (imho) needless exclusion of the cool shapes and Block types from survival use.


These small details tend to be the greatest contributors, to elevate a home/base that much above a minecraft dirt hut.



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