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Hanging up pickaxe and shovel for the last time


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I'm not angry, not even in the slightest. But, I hang up my pickaxe and shovel for the last time on A17 with heavy heart. Graphics are great. Arrows in zombies are great. Getting extra resources when chopping down a tree or breaking a boulder, great (missed that greatly in A16).


Unfortunatly I detest, repeat, detest the perk system with such hatred I am rolling back to A16. I run 120 minute days and have got to day 12. But digging an underground base or doing anything is so long winded it's not enjoyable for me, not even slightly. I will miss the extra resources and the excellent lighting, but the perk system can go and... do one. Games are supposed to be fun and enjoyable. A17 just winds me up.


I may be back to A17 if the perk system changes but I won't be if it stays like this. In all my years (many of) playing games, this is the first time I have ever rolled back to an earlier version of a game.


I hope the rest of you find A17 to be more fun than I did. Be lucky and have fun.

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