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[MODLET] Zombie Damage Tweakfile


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Nothing fancy, this modlet just provides easy access for tweaking zombie damage numbers to your liking without having to do the legwork of trawling through the .xml file and writing the modlet yourself. Just install like any other modlet and then edit the included items.xml within the modlets config folder. I highly recommend using Notepad++


I've tried to make sure everything is clearly labeled and sorted so that absolutely anyone could open it up and find and change what they want to change without much hassle. Every entry lists what it affects (that I know of) and what it's default value is. It currently includes tweakables for every zombie/animal damage value I could find in items.xml.


This was my first time doing anything of this sort, so if anything fricks up or I've just done things in a stupid way, or any other pertinent such knowledge, do let me know. I originally only made this for myself to tweak a few values, but then it kind of got away from me and here we are. The xpath thingermajigs really do make stuff like this super accessible.





ZDamageTweak - Everything is set to vanilla values waiting for you to tweak 'em, you need to set the values yourself or it does nothing.



Download and drop into the config folder of the modlet, overwriting items.xml, to get a preset configuration.

My Personal Mix - Not Balanced. The settings I use for my solo casual play, block damage waaaaaay the ♥♥♥♥ down, entity damage sliiightly buffed. Much easier and chill for looks-over-function base building. Good for nomadic play too. But not much thought went into it.


If anyone makes or thinks of their own fun or interesting mix, share it in the thread if yah feel like it and I'll link/make it here too. Cause why not.

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