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Workaround for console error spam during horde nights


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If you're running into the "NullReference" console error spam during horde nights, it's because of the radiated vulture vomit. If you want ton convince yourself this is true, turn on creative mode and spawn in some radiated vultures, you should run into the same error as on horde nights.


(Sorry that literally all my posts have been about this issue, but I've seen a lot of posts of people running into this issue and I'm hoping more people will see it if I make a separate thread)


You're going to need to edit a config file for the game (you're just removing one line) to basically remove the radiated vultures from the game. Here's how for those who are not aware that these config files exist:


1. Go to Steam

2. Right click 7D2D

3. Click "Properties"

4. Click the "Local Files" tab

5. Click "Browse local files"

6. This should bring up an explorer window with the 7D2D executable in it

7. Click the "Data" folder, then the "Config" folder

8. Open Notepad (or your favorite text editor)

9. Drag and drop the entityclasses.xml file into Notepad

10. ctrl + f for "animalZombieVultureRadiated" (as Voraga mentioned)

11. This should take you to this chunk of xml:

<entity_class name="animalZombieVultureRadiated" extends="animalZombieVulture">
<property name="Tags" value="animal,zombie,hostile"/>
<property name="Radiated" value=""/>
<rest of file>

12. Remove this line: <property name="Radiated" value=""/>

13. Save the file

14. Restart the game


This should fix the issue by turning all the radiated vultures into regular vultures. This worked for us during horde night on like 140+ game stage (so we were definitely eligible for them). You can double check this by turning creative mode on in a game and spawning in some radiated vultures.

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