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Playing on 20 Minute Days


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Just wanted to share a bit of my experience on 20 Minute day sessions:


Upfront: - Warrior Difficulty, 8 z spawn, 20 Minute daytime, rest standard ( i think),

- playing with modded quality levels(every level increases almost all stats by ~5%, see mod section for it, its

not done by me :D ), but no item used above quality lvl 2,

- first 2 days nomad, then warrior difficulty,

- died on horde night 14.( i restart on death)



- few difficulties early on. got a fireaxe through first quest. did 2 quests till day 7. rest looting, adventuring, killing.

- on day 6 i startet gathering stuff for my bunker design. had problems, didnt finish in time to day 7, but it went ok

for a bit. then i had to leave my bunker. all in all there were only about 10-12 Zs and at the time i left the bunker

only 6 left. they chase me, but they are slower and even stop chasing somehow. killed them mostly in melee one by

one. ( run, wait, hit, run, wait, hit, ... etc.)

- on day 9 or 10 i got swarmed by aprox. 8 dogs while i was in a POI.

- on day 11 or 12 i got swarmed by 12 military + 1 jumper Z after i activated the quest before the POI.

-- both were managable, cuz daylight. but it took me about 8 ingame hours.

- at day 14 i had my bunker and stuff almost set up (only missing about 10 blocks and 4-5 upgrades, had Ak47

and around 120 Ammo, machete, coffee, medkits, 3 armor pieces (iron/military mix) ) and i was lvl 21(got 3

Levels on day 14), BUT:


-- at exactly 20:00 a horde spawned directly next to me(and my base), meaning they aggro on me(LoS)

with around 12 normal Zs, 2 Fatties and 2 Mommas. 20:00 to 22:00 is less than 2 minutes to finish them,

and i did not manage, so i crawled into my bunker with more than half of them left, finished the blocks and

hoped for the best...well...did not end well. my base was doing exactly how i imagined, but they just

swarmed too hard. basically my dps at that point could not keep up (melee slaughterhouse base design)

and the Ak47 ammo was very soon depleted. i didnt manage to build an exit, as with day7 horde and

was therefor trapped and died.


Now i figured, that its probably my fault for not calculating that this might happen (the wandering horde spawning at 20:00) and that my base lacked passive defense systems, but i do not know if it is intended, so i postet this here.


A ~15 Z strong horde 1:50 mins before the bloodmoon horde is...a challenge.



btw: with 20minute daycycle you start to cope with night time really quick, cuz you can not afford to stand still at night with only 20 mins / day :D and as a hint: you can sneak melee kill quite effectively in the outskirt at night. w/o any perkz, i can

get a melee hit to a walking zombie from stealth, which downs him and then finish him. (on warrior diff. at least)

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