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The Lone Wolf - A New Let's Play Series Where the Watcher Decides What Happens


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Hi Guys,


So I have a very new channel (just started 2 weeks ago) and I have just launched today a new Lets Play series called The Lone Wolf (inspired by the Lone Wolf series of Books by Joe Dever).


This is going to be a long term lets play series and I hope it's unique for the following reason:


The day to day episodes are going to be driven 100% by the decisions made by the audience.


My plan is to get the audience to suggest what The Lone Wolf character is going to do each evening and the following day. These suggestions will then be put into a poll to be voted on and then once we have our verdict the next episode will play out according to those decisions.


In the early days I guess it will be driven by the desires of the first few people who get in on the action, but as this grows I plan to be able to post a video every 2nd day (worst case) - I think this will give me enough time to do the suggestions and polling etc.


Anyway guys I hope you like the idea and would love if you can take a look at the channel and then series (links below) and if you could like, comment and subscribe that would be awesome.


I have left details in the first video description on what I think the first decisions to be made are for the next episode but I am open to all suggestions!


My Channel

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Hi Guys,


Apologies for the delay in posting - technical issues that have now been overcome (the curse of the newbie YouTuber).


Our 2nd episode went live. Please watch and let me know in the comments the actions we should take in the next episode. I plan to post every 2nd day so comments on what we should do can only be taken into account up till midnight tomorrow!


Thanks for watching :)



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