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a17 a few thoughts


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Overall, I'm enjoying A17. The game looks good and the changes to the game have shaken things up! The amount of work TFPs have put into the game is obvious and pretty satisfying! Also glad to hear that xp gains are getting a second pass!


A few things I'd like to see are:


1.) Up the damage and gathering of the stone axe just a bit - maybe 5%. I don't think it needs to be a huge difference, but it would be nice if gathering was a bit easier if you fail to find iron tools before level 20. (after 9 days the only tools I'd found were wrenches. The trader never had any iron or steel for sale/as rewards either.)


2.) Speaking of level gating... Perhaps move the forge and iron tool to level 15. It may not matter if the stone axe gets a bit of a bump, gathering wise, but so far I've been unlucky in finding working forges (except on my MP game where we found one on D1.) I'd also suggest moving the bicycle down to lvl 20ish, but that'd also require moving the workbench as well. I love that intact workstations are more valuable now, but relying on luck to find one/tools for too long can be a real bummer.


3.) The new hunger and thirst system might be the hardest thing I had to adjust to. I'd like to see some scaling with it. perhaps between 90-100 fullness you lose .5 of stamina, 80-90 is .75 pt of stamina, and then below 80 or maybe 75 it goes to a true 1 to 1 loss. Right now, it just feels a touch to micro managey, especially in the early stages when gathering trees or boulders takes a lot longer anyway.


4.) Gamestages might need some adjusting. The biggest 'issue' I noticed was in MP and there were two of us. No forge yet (I might have been at the highest level at 18 or 19), we had a few scavenged guns, stone arrows, and clubs. There were at least 2 cops in the Night 7 horde and several ferals. The ferals were okay but the cops seemed a bit much for a first horde. Thankfully we'd placed a lot of spike traps!


Thanks again for A17!

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