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My Day 7 Horde Night


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I Just finished my day 7 horde night. The server settings is set to Warrior, 120minute Length days and Zombies spawned is set to 12.


Aside from the various normal zombies that spawned, there was one irradiated Spider Zombie and 3 Fat Cop Zombies (I was pretty scared when they started blowing up near the walls, haha)


I build atop a POI that is right across the street from my base. Set up a structure that would allow me to shoot from above down below. The things I used were Wood Spikes to wrap around the entire building and laced it with Barbwire, one layer around the Wood Spikes.


the end result


Player 1

Zombies 0


Here is what the trailer that I build upon looked like in the morning.

Things to Note. Aside from the Wood Blocks Above (3high on top of the trailer), the wood Spikes, the Barbwire and the frames all at the top, there was nothing else that I did to reinforce the structure below. I did remove things around the yard that the zombies might be able to jump on, but other than that, it's what you see.



A lot of folks are complaining that there is no more base building. I say BS. You HAVE to defend the base. Long gone are the days when you just let the rows upon rows of spikes take care of your zed problems. Investing in a POI to build up specifically for horde night until the primary base is ready is a smart move.

Also, remember, multiple players in one area on Horde Night, means every player gets their zombies to spawn on that location vs multiple locations. This was just me, if my wife were on, I'm certain we would have been over-run, simply due to the sheer number of zed.


Things I need to put more emphasis on. Barbwire, Barbwire, Barbwire. Because of the barbwire, I was able to kill the Zed before they reached my walls, they only did the damage you see in the pics because, there wasnt enough barbwire.


All in all, I enjoyed the event. Can't wait to try my luck on Day 14!


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