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Love the new Difficulty


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The main reason I played MP with PVP was that i love the increase difficulty PvP adds. Lets be honest A16 zombies were a joke, dig down to bedrock and u were safe.


I frankly do not understand the criticism regarding difficulty if your base gets eaten by zombies u do it wrong.

I have 6k hours and not a single base got destroyed by zombies so far.....and i played some seeds until day 2500 so again if your base get destroyed you do it wrong.


Yes here and there we need some adjustments. But finally MP feels a lot better (netcode got better too) Because different players can skill different ways. (I think we should NOT be able to skill everything i like that we have to make decisions what to skill)


I would love to see the sound improved....I think using an auger should be heard at least 250m that would make ppl think twice to use it, the same for the Rifles.

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