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Cutting down the Commute...


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First off, let me just say this is NOT another bash A17 thread. There is a fair bit of stuff that is definitely an improvement on the game. One of such features I am quite enjoying are the trader quests, especially once you get to Tier 2+. The new dungeon style POI's, while they can become quite predictable after a time, are definitely a good addition to the game.


My problem however, is that currently, if you want to log on for a couple hours after work and go do some quests, I feel like the majority of my time spent in game, roughly 60-70% of said time, is spent run/walking from the trader to the house and back to the trader. There is a reason the vast majority of games these days all have systems such as teleporting, and fast travel implemented. In fact, I would say that in my experience that is the MOST COMMON mod that I encounter when browsing multiplayer servers is the ability to /set home and have way points set for fast travel. And the reason is pretty simple, people dont like spending their time running/walking from point A to point B.


So far, my biggest complaint with this alpha is having a BICYCLE level gated at 30! Motorized vehicles requiring a higher intellect level and more parts to craft I can understand, but a simple bicycle... come on! Realistically there should be bicycles all over towns to be taken and ridden. The tediousness of having to travel by foot throughout the entire world is just too much right now. I would really like to start exploring more of the world out there, but when the majority of my playtime is spent in my commute where is the fun in that???


I think there are several solutions to this problem, the most obvious would be to just take the level gates off of bikes, but there are already plenty of people raising pitch forks high at the level gates... what about having rental vehicles available from traders? That way you can pick up a quest, rent a bike/minibike and cut out that terrible commute to the FUN PART of the game...

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