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Totally freezing on horde night


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Wonder if anyone can give me any pointers on this....


On horde night the Z's are freezing in place for upto 60 seconds running on the spot (we can be hit by invisible Z's and police puke while this occurs) while FPS remains over 100.


I have tried restarting the server jsut before the 7th etc night but it didn't seem to affect it....


There are just two of us playing at the moment but it does occur with all 5 of us on also...

Me, 8700k@5ghz, 32gb, 1080ti sli, game on nvme ssd, 1440@165hz

mate, Asus rog laptop unsure on rxact spec, its an i7 16gb 970m, msata ssd


The server is a dedicated, running ubuntu 18.04, 7700k, 32gb, sata3 ssd, 1gbit, A17 B199

I have it set to 60 max Z's, 24 per person.


Any ideas what could cause this?


ty :)

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We had the exact same problem last horde night and that on stock settings.

Did the other players also become invisible for you?


Maybe you can also issue a bug report.


Yessir they did, His character was stood on the wall also moonwalking while he had run for the safety of the roof :p


**edit I should add I just tried this on my own and it did it with just me on too, odd o.O

The server was started with B197, think the shift to B199 could have broken anything?

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