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Im really trying...


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...to enjoy A17, and every time i begin, i come across another terrible choice in design.

Just had my first death, and the loss of skill, why developers, which one of you thought this was a good idea?

Also temperature fluctuating up and down, was always an issue, but now its just ridiculous. U experience heat and freezing in single night in the same area.

Im starting to enjoy points, although certain areas, definetly do not need points, such as health and stamina, but it is what it is. Im hoping to see alot more questing in future.

POIs are amazing, so many hidden areas, although zombies spawning in front of your eyes can be annoying, playing on lower settings does make it more enjoying.

Animals such as wolves are tad too intelligent, vultures flight has been improved alot but the ability to make sharp turns while flying low, is annoying, inprefered when you could dodge them.

Deer, I prefer the older model, this looks like a sheep with horns.

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