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Issues with the perk system in a17


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I dont mind the perk system as is as a whole. My problem is that everything is essentially level gated so you cant really focus on anything, and the requirements are so damn high for intellect for no real reason. You have to be level 20 JUST to make iron tools. You cant use ANY of the craftmenship perks (except master chef) until either 20 or 30. Cant even make first aid bandages until lvl 30.


Thats kinda crazy.You cant even start progress in any of them at all until then, even if you wanted to focus on doing it. Starting the game cant even have a group have a dedicated crafter because they have to wait all the way to lvl 20 to actually start making anything. Regular tools and stuff you can make just from raising intellect do not improve just the durability you make them.


Its kind of counter intuitive as the system for at least intellect (I dont mind the other trees really) pretty much forces you to just go do something else for 20 levels and ignore the tree. The magazines dont help cause you still hard capped on lvl requirement.


I think either the lvl requirements for the base stats should be reduced by 10 lvls per rank, or lower the requirements for the craftmenship a rank or two ie: intellect 6 to 4 and intellect 5 to 3.

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I am 100% with you on this. I am the crafter/builder of my friend group, I do most of the building and item crafting as well as the farming while they run around and do the other things. With this new update not only is my original role totally trash, my xp gains don't even come close to theirs, but when I want to invest in things to make us better the game just laughs at me and tells me to get more xp. It makes no sense at all to me to say "we want you guys to specialize" and then level lock everything so that there is literally 0 point in specializing since if you do so you are going to end up having 100 extra skill points by the time you get what you want.


I solved this problem on my server by changing the level requirements for the main attributes, now a player only has to be level 10 in order to max out an attribute and, funny story, people are specializing directly into their role. We have a doctor, a cook, a farmer, a hunter, a scavenger, everyone can focus on their role and work hard for it and its working out perfectly so far.


Two things that really need to change, imo, the level caps need to be removed entirely and the xp amount for crafting needs to go WAY up.

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