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Fun Pimps -- Give Us A Sign


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First of all, thank you for this ridiculously addictive game that will completely consume my free time for the next decade :P I used to play Minecraft and found it too... Pixelly and Easy. But there are a few things I feel is missing to really make this game a great replacement: [LIST=1] [*]Signs -- being able to mark a bed-room "MINE! KEEP OUT!" or place up a rule-board would go a long way in muli-player in helping the server's community come together in a good way. [*]Fire and Fire Spread -- I don't know why this isn't in the game yet but I'd love to see it. I also feel this is one of those things that really needs to make it in the game "early" because it will need a LOT of testing. [*]Bullet Drop and Velocity (air-resistance) -- Just like minecraft .... OK yeah I'm trolling now... But back on track -- bullet drop would really make things more interesting and would make players, like in real life build sensible watch-towers instead of huge sky-scrappers where mobs are barely visible -- in the case of a velocity or air-resistance feature, such towers would render projectiles moot. This would also prevent people from snipping with a .44 which is rather ridiculous. [*]I hear you are working on electricity, generators, automated turrets. If this is the case, *thumbs up*. But my I ask for some solar panels as well. I want an alternative to an auger zombie horde because I decided to turn my lights on. [*]W E A T H E R -- I'm not sure how to make this any clearer. Simply speaking, the ambiance in the game is great, the only thing you could do to make it better is add some rain, snow, storms, lightning damage, etc. Also add debuffs to those caught outside -- such as "Exposure" with tags (Hot, Cold, Wet, Freezing, and Hypothermia) with -1/second endurance and 0.5/min health while standing in the rain/snow etc. This will encourage players to build real shelter and not just zombie shelter or take shelter in a city, tent, etc. [LIST] [*]Hot -- Exposure to heat should be cured by simply going for a swim or going in doors. You should get heat exposure from being outside on a sunny/hot day with minimum or no water. This should be incredibly easy to get in desert biomes. [LIST] [*]Heat Exhaustion -- Removed by drinking water inside [*]Heat Stroke -- Removed by drinking water and taking a med kit inside [/LIST] [*]Cold -- Exposure to cold should be cured by simply going indoors or standing near a heat-source, a torch in the hand would/should prevent this all-together. Cold exposure should be able to be gained from any biome at night if the player is not wearing full gear or is not holding a torch. [*]Wet -- Exposure to water/wet should only be cured by taking all one's clothes off near a fire [*]Freezing -- can only be cured by being inside and next to a fire. This is gained and progresses to hypothermia if the player is both wet and cold. [*]Hypothermia -- can only be cured by being inside, next to a fire, and using a med kit [/LIST] [/LIST] That is my list of recommendations that, aside from bug fixing would turn this game from great to epic. PS Please make torches go out under-water. Also, if you add weather, ensure that if a forge or camp-fire is "exposed" to the weather, that it too goes out and cannot function.
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