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A17 is strange for me


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Played a17 for some hours and was trying to understand - why make the game so... strange?

Rather difficult early game (first 30-40 levels i suggest) for experienced player (usually played 5-6 difficulty earlier, now 3-4 seems nearly same).

Comfortable mid-game (40-60) with enough damage and many recipes and items (i think, most part of gameplay should be like that, not least).

And compleately easy late game (60+) when you oneshot everything you see cuz maxed perks, mods and weapons. After harsh start it seems like you are already dead and now rest in heaven garden. But it becomes boring realy fast (no challenge at all, especially after challenging first levels). Almost all mechanics and things you needed to survive are gone - no illnesses, brocken legs, stun etc, no new challenging late zombies, no need of sneak in every shadow and be afraid of anything - just shoot anyone in the head, while they are trying to chew your armor, no problem with loot anymore - full inventory is open and you have some pocket cars (seriously, why can we put them in the bag, lol?), etc, etc.

So, again, why do that? Block people from normal playing, than taking all new gameplay back? I'm not against difficulty or rpg system, i love it, but not with such...methods of realization. If you want to longer gameplay - add something in the end, not in the beginning.


And why stopping players from focusing on somethig? I know, imbalanced strategies (like maxing scaveging and ignoring everythig else) are bad, but you said yourselves that you like different roles of acting and building (" Under this system, all skills and perks are governed by one of the five attributes, grouping the skills and perks into general areas of play, and allowing for players to more easily create “class” archetypes by focusing on one or more attributes.") - and...we can not make class archetypes because we need almost everything: dmg, craft, stamina, loot etc. want to dig and craft - no exp gained, want to loot and kill zombies - no crafting and no zombie loot (funny moment, you wanted to stop people from farming zombies for loot - now we need to farm them for exp, wtf). Look at ValMod for example - some starting gear and perks, then lots of perks and ton of skillpoints, no problem even with level gates, and you could play normally oneself with universal build or choose a role and be usefull for a party (builder, medic, carpenter, looter, fighter etc, there were plenty). There you can...what? Kill zombie or kill zombie? Is this a survival with rpg part or fps\action rpg with possibility of collecting stuff and becoming stronger?


Ok, if you love perks and stars, may be make this system closer to older versions? For example, you chop trees - you level up strength (not lvl. i mean no more char levels at all), you shoot with range weapons - up perception, run a lot - agility etc. And when you up, strength - you get perk points, which you can put in mule, miner69er or else. And no more level gates (why need this? who gains profit from being slowered in playing? experienced player still would be far forward, even more when you stop new players from reaching their stats). You force digging - gain lots of strength, but no groundless putting in damage or craft. You want to shoot good? So train. Want to be tough - carry weight and run every day, same as life, isn't it? It is lodic, easy to understand and use, and it is balanced in char building and gaining profits. So why not, what about give it a try?


About recipes - if you kill zombies 24\7, looting stuff and chopping some trees - how the hell could you learn to make a car or helicopter?! Where will you know how to do this if not reading books, no practicing and even no recipes? Pls, return recipes back, it is silly. Or better else, make different professions, levelling by practice and books, and tie recipes to them (like in valmod, yes. ie, mechanic 20 bycicle, 40 car, 50 auger etc). Logic and realistic. Or you prefer system of "God blessed me and now i know how to cook meat" lol.


PS: TFP, i really love your game, i respect your work done and i hope that you will at least think about it and, may be, test it a bit. If not...so, i'll need to learn xml editing :)

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