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An invitation to TFP to play on PVP and PVE servers in the longer term


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First I would like to start out by saying that A17 is amazing IMO. I can see the hard work and love that has gone into the changes and additions made and for the most part, I feel like the game is heading in the right direction. However, I feel there is a large disconnect between the dev's and the....let's call them the "high level" player base who dumps hundreds and thousands of hours into the game on both PVP and PVE servers.


These servers players put long term time into the game on servers with a high player count, which gives them a perspective that I don't think the devs have experienced. Any balance issues, advantageous bugs and "tricks of the trade" become knowledge that is a necessity to play on these servers and thus problems with them become blindingly apparent to these player who feel very strongly about their positions.


Now, the developers, and please correct me if I'm wrong, rely on testers who from what I have seen do not play the game in this fashion. It also feels like the devs play in a similar way to these testers where they may have 5 or 6 people in a game playing against the world they have created in a short term (compared to our high level players) environment and will not see the same types of issues.


case in point the issues players have with the new land claim rules. It is a very small change the has HUGE repercussions on the way the game is played on both sides. so I urge the developers to take the time to play in this style to see what the player base is saying for themselves. devs have the unique perspective as well as to what the game itself can and cannot do and also to make changes as they see them. Go incognito as a new player and let the community teach without a bias. Set us as players straight as to why something is the way it is having experienced what we see.


You have a great game here with some of the best mechanics to compliment the core gameplay but there are issues to be corrected, and great things about the game that could be made better. We cant do that. Only you can.

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