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Changed alpha 17 gamestage calculation


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The current gamestage calculation of alpha 17 is as follows.


gameStage = ( playerLevel + daysSurvived ) * gameDifficultyMultiplier.


I would like to increase the influence of daysSurvived on gameStage, but in the above calculation I can not MOD in XML.


so I hope that that will be modified as follows


gameStage = ( playerLevel * playerLevelDifficultyBonus + daysSurvived * daysAliveDifficultyBonus ) * gameDifficultyMultiplier.



Taking my preference as an example, make the following settings for the two newly added parameters.


playerLevelDifficultyBonus = 0.3

daysAliveDifficultyBonus = 11.0

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Please allow the following calculation to be ON / OFF with XML setting.

daysSurvivedcappedPlayerLevel ( true or false)




After this the daysAlive is capped.

It is low-capped at 0, high-capped at "your player level".

At player level 41 you can have a daysSurvived value anywhere from 0 to 41.


If the same player was level 10 and had survived 25 days and died 2x:

25 days - 2 x 2 (daysAliveChangeWhenKilled) = 21

Then daysAlive of 21 gets capped to player level so 10.

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