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Lighters as a Requirement to use Pipe Bombs

Telly G

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People have suggested lighters, and then suggested many times combining that lighter with a super soaker. which is really only supported under the rule of cool clause. Now, if lighters are ever added to the game, one should have to be in your inventory to be able to use things that require lighting. Like torches or pipe bombs. And I have thought of it as well. Flint and steel made from scrap iron and a chunk of gravel to activate placed torches. And a lighter to light ones held in hand. It'd be an automatic thing when you equip it(Or just a button press.) lighting it with the lighter. But until you have one, just light a torch with another lit torch. It'd add additional steps that some people might find tedious, but what are you lighting these torches and pipe bombs with? In summary. I Want Add: Flint and Steel for activating torches/campfires/forges Lighters for the same purpose as the flint and steel but can be used for lighting torches when equipped and lighting pipe bomb fuses. Flint and Steel also is not Trogdor the Burninatrix like in Minecraft, so don't bring it up because it's not what it is.
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