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Please tell me how to make a new item

Laura Bodewig

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Are you enjoying α17?


I am doing research on "Prefab edit system".


In α 16.4, it was possible to change to "exclusive" edit mode "by rewriting part of the game file.


However, it seems that they were integrated in α17.

It becomes "admin mode" with [F1> input "dm"].


You can specify the selection range of space with key [Z].

Move the specified range in XYZ direction with key [G].

Undo designation with key [back Space].

key [K] Dynamic Prefab to save selection


These commands were commands used as "Prefab Tool" in α 16.4.


However, I do not know how to activate some of the commands that could be used with α 16.4.


↓ list ↓


key [J] Delete selection.

key [L] Fill the selected range with the block in hand

key [X] Rotate selection

key [↓, ↑, →, ←] smoothing

key [Ctr] + key [C] Copy selection

key [Ctr] + key [V] Paste selection


I am looking for ways to make these "edit mode" commands fully available.


I apologize if I write the wrong English.

I am rewriting Japanese to English with Google Translate.

Please feel free to tell me if there are problems with my remarks.

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