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A17 Thoughts - New Player


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Ok, So I just started playing this game 2 weeks ago. Been LOVING IT. Way too much time in game and my wife hates me now. Me and 3 buddies playing on a self ran dedicated server....


A Few things I love about the change:


Graphics - The textures and maps are much better... The gamma/brightness is a little over bearing at first but over all love it


Ambience - Is awesome. The new textures and things you find through out the world are much more immersive to me.

Zombies - Are not as easily tricked. I can't just run drive bys with a wooden club and kill everything in the game.

Sneak - I like this more as being able to crouch and see if im detected as immersion breaking.



Few things I really think need to be tuned/reintroduced - Please remember this is as a brand new player.


Passive skill gain - My friends and I really don't like that there are no passive skill gain now. IE, Scavenging, athletics, clubs, bows and so on. This really takes away from our sense of accomplishment while doing mundane tasks. I could dagger zombie corpses for hours knowing my blade/blunt was going up. Now, I just massacre zombies, look for a loot bag and continue on. Making it feel more like doom then 7D2D.


Zombie LOot - enough said, wth? Killing them seems pointless. I can't even dagger them for rotten flesh, skill gain or bones :(


Sneak Damage/Down Damage multiplier? Are these still in? I dont get a message and down damage multiplier isn't even viable because the zombie gets back up like a boxing match. I swear a fat zombie was more nimble than an Olympic Gymnast. Fell on his back and did a chuck norris move back onto his feet and ready to swing. Please extend duration or give us a perk to do so :(


Overall, best money I spent in a while. But I feel you removed some of the key aspects that myself and my friends found to be intriguing and the best part of game play. I played 15 billion hours of skyrim because of passive gains :(

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