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Confused about how to do some biome-based xml editing for A16


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A17 Runs like poop for me so back to an idea i had for A16.


What I want is to edit the world generation so that I can have the vast majority of the map be snow biome, with small areas of other biomes, but rare enough that you would have to search for them.


From what I understand of the biomes, the only POI I'm losing out on is the auto parts store? Can I edit that so it can generate in the snow biome as well? On the zombie front, I would mostly only find Lumberjacks outside of cities, but all types of zombies would be able to spawn in cities, correct?


Main question, how do I edit the xml files, I assume I need to mainly/only edit the rwgmixer.xml, to get the mostly snow biome with pockets of the other biomes? I'm a total noob at this

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