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Alpha 16 player requests and suggestions


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1) Satchels. A satchel takes up one slot in the backback (though the graphic should show it slung on a shoulder or similar). Limit the number of satchels a player can carry to maybe two at a time. You put an item into the satchel (mechanical parts, gasoline, iron, etc etc) and then every time you pick a similar item up it goes directly into the satchel. This mechanic would work with multiple items (for example you put scrap iron, mechanical parts and gasoline in one, then any of these items you pick up go directly into the satchel). Each satchel has maybe six or eight slots. It's super frustrating to go on a scavenging run at 04:01, fill your backpack and bike basket by 04:30 with non-stackable items and then spend the next hour or more running back and forth from a stash spot to your base.


2) Electricity! More! It's great but there needs to be more choices. Multi-input relays so you can chain power sources would be good. Motion sensor activated generators (the sensors would have to be on a battery back, obviously). Powered doors, gates and drawbridges connected to motion sensors so you can ride your minibike into your base without having to get off to open the door, or leave the door open when you go out. For that matter, being able to engage with items while mounted would be good too...push a button and what not. Voltage/fuel gauges on generators and battery banks would be good too; at a glance you can see what the levels are at without having to interact with the item. A separate map feature you can call up to show the exact wiring layout of your base would be awesome (complete with mouseover tooltips for lines, nodes, switches, traps etc). The ability to draw in lines, nodes and other wiring stuff that you can refer to in game when building or expanding your wiring. A blueprint/planning map you can use for regular construction (walls, doors, etc) that you can work on at night when you're in base with nothing better to do. Once you save the blueprint, if you have it equipped in your offhand and you equip a building block in the main hand you can see a wire frame showing you in real time where your blocks need to go.


3) Trap floors that reset their positions on a timer instead of just breaking up and requiring a repair or replacement.


4) The ability to manufacture gun and complex item parts like auger blades, chainsaw blades, solar panels etc. Being reliant on merchants for the high end stuff sucks. Merchants can make it easier for folks to get what they need in a pinch but you should be able to progress without the merchants if you choose to.



5) A mini radar with red dots showing the orientation of zombies who are not sneaking.



6) Chainsaw trap. This needs no explanation it would just be awesome.



7) Center dot showing what you are aiming at with bows, guns, etc. I know you get one if you sneak but sometimes that's not an option and it would be nice to not burn an entire clip shooting from the hip. Accuracy of the shots would be dependent on gun/archery skill but the dot would be ultra helpful when using bows.



8) More brass. Early game it's hard to come by and if you want to play a gun slinger you're hard pressed to keep ammo.



9) Production hoppers you can attach to the fuel intake of the forge, as well as the raw materials intake. This would enable a player to drop a bunch of different items (doorknobs, trophies, ore and glass for example) to be smelted without having to babysit the forge. The ability to set a forge/workbench/chemistry station to just keep producing one item until its storage fills or it runs out of raw materials would also be infinitely helpful.



I love this game (zombies, harvesting/gathering and sandbox building, really what other game compares??) but adding these features would make it so much more enjoyable! Thanks for reading!

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