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Hello everyone, hope all is well. I'm posting here to express how I feel about the state of the game and things that I feel would make an already fun game blossom into a classic. I like how melee combat is quick and the stealth mechanic is efficient but a blocking mechanic would allow for an intense diversification of play styles that would add a high replay value to the game. It could be a simple as picking up a metal trash can lid or riot to crafting your own reinforced spikes on them or electric shields that zap zombie flesh like bugs on a hot summer night. Melee weapons could also use a pick up with the addition of more weapons that have a cleave function to hit multiple targets. For example, a Japanese katana has some serious carving ability [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8UrvkPnY8s[/url] (video of an indie blade company testing their sword on 24 beer cans in a line and seeing how it will slice through them) Although for balance a special rare book that will be difficult to find should be implemented to make sure that the thrill of fighting zombies isn't gone with the addition of high powered weaponry, increased materials to make and repair the weapon, debuff when wielding the katana with a shield (decreased speed,cleave, and damage) and a very serious friendly fire penalty. Spears such as sticks and stone wrapped together with plant fibers would be fun with the option to throw it as a ranged weapon to stick a pig with high damage. Baseballs bats would also be nice. Duct tape would be nice as a general purpose tool to substitute for plant fibers or repair kits in some way. In all I feel as if though an elder scrolls melee combat system would be a lot of fun.
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