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Player's Name ingame - Naming Storage


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As an old-time Everquest player, being able to see a player's name helped to identify people the easiest when in groups. I think something along these lines should be implemented -- either the name showing on character all the time, or shown when you hover your mouse over a character. Even when they put in Mocap for zombies and players, were going to have duplicates still. This also goes hand in hand with labeling chest and other types of storage devices. When you hover you mouse over a storage and hold "E" your given options to Lock/Unlock/Passcode, just add another option as Notes. You write your note, then when you hover mouse over the storage, along with the info that said storage is locked/pass-coded/unlocked, it will show your note/phrase as well. I know this has been asked like forever, but would help players, especially in MP, who group into a large community where organization can be tricky. Donald
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