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SI-, loading-, or another problem?


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1. Support and bug section of the forum didn't looked appropiate, so I hope it's ok here.

2. I'm no native english speaker, so sorry for any errors. (If you see anything that's totally wrong feel free to pm me. Always eager to improve/learn. :))


I was driving home from a shopping tour to the trader. Getting closer to my base I saw blocks collapsing on the horizon.

Arriving home I saw the whole mess. - A good bunch of my rooftop garden broke clean off. :(


I had no problems with it for weeks. - It wasn't fully planted though.

I just started to plant on every spot and the first time growing on every available spot was fine too.


Since the south side is still fine (approached from the north) and it should be more endangered from SI issues, since i have a tunnel leading out south of the basement to my crafting area, I'm thinking of a (chunk)loading issue.

This thought is furthermore fueled by an engine upgrade for my bike (got a purple one from the trader, replaced the green one i had so far and therefore went home faster then ever before.:D)

Would something be possible? Like the side of the garden, which was collapsing, being in another chunk then the support pillars, or something?

Or was I lucky so far and there is a SI issue?

If so would it help to make more out of metal?!


Some pictures:






South side still fine



Drawing from last support layer to the highest layer.



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