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I really dislike some of the audio in 7dtd, especially the event noises. There is nothing more immersion breaking then having the game play some music right before night sets in, or every hour on the hour during horde nights. Please give us the option to disable these sounds. I welcome times where I wont be paying attention to the time and get caught outside when night sets in, I do not want to be audibly warned an hour before night, or reminded every hour that its a blood moon, the hordes of zombies dying around my base and the red sky are reminder enough. Also the 4am morning sound makes me want to stop playing, its so repetitive and depressing to hear after waiting out the night. As a zombie apocalypse simulation that kind of depression is great, but as this is just a videogame I can shut off at any time I would rather not hear sounds that encourage me to stop playing.


Options, thats all I want, that way people can still keep em if they like em.

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