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mixed world generation


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[ATTACH]25217[/ATTACH][ATTACH]25218[/ATTACH] i was playing on my world like normal for ~20 days/30 hours, and created a backup save (renaming the save folder in appdata on my pc). i ended up using the backup and think i may have somehow interjected a second seed into the game - my world generation is very apparently mixing two different worlds. many pois are trenching into the world or sitting pretty on pedestals high in the air, above the rest of the ground. i'm assuming there's probably not a way to fix this, but is there a way to identify what's happened and how to prevent it in the future? i've backed up saves like this before and never experienced this. note that i didn't try recreating it mostly because i really want to just save the game i have now and try to "normalize" these generation issues if i can


i'm attaching log files from when i first loaded the game after creating my backup file as well as the last time i loaded the original before deleting it.


2 other smaller questions:

1. reading the output i saw "virtual output" resolution 2x larger than my monitor's. is there a way to lower this, and if so, can it boost performance?

2. i have 8gb vram and according to this log file i'm only using 6 in game. why is that?



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