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Ideas and suggestions for multiplayer and other


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Myself and a group of friends spend a lot of time playing on a private dedicated server. Its great, but we have a few ideas for what we think could make playing the game better.




Player interaction menu - could work similarly to interacting with a minibike for example. Run up, hold E and have a few options. Could include things like "Use item" (I know you can already do this with medical equipment but it might be nicer this way) . Could also have options like add/delete ally or even an inventory trading system.


Map Sharing - Would be really handy for groups like us who have dedicated roles and play on random gen. Could be added to the previously mentioned menu. All it would do is reveal explored areas, add it together and have it revealed for both players.

Another good way to do it would be a peaceable map that when interacted with, will add any areas that you have explored to it and you receive any info that it has that you don't. Would be really cool and will make exploring and mapping feel way nicer and more organised.


Dual storage usage - Being able to get into a chest that someone else is in. Only one person being able to get into a chest really does prevent stealing and people being asses, but for us it can be annoying not being able to even see whats in them. This could be implemented in a way that you have a chest user (Can edit contents) and a chest observer (can see whats happening but cant edit) just to make things so much nicer. Alternatively you could have two editors but neither can shift click or just press R, they would have to drag and drop if two allies were not in the chest. This shouldn't work with non allies.


Two seat minibike - Could be balanced by having a second seat take a shopping basket slot so you have to pick between storage or a second player and have the second play bring the minibikes speed down by 1/3. Having the second person able to fire/use one handed weapons like clubs and pistols would be nice too, use the excuse of "They need one hand to hold on".


Admin Tool Menu - Having options like kick and teleport and item spawn in a tab only accessible to people who have been given admin. I know you can do this with the console but a better menu for it would be nice.




Control Console - A computer type thing to manage multiple turret and spotlight setting from one point as well as control individual turrets.


Spotlights - Make the light range reach bout 2-3 X its current and prevent the the spotlights aim dipping when powered off but not returning back up when re-powered.


Better Swimming - Faster but draining stamina, faster swimming down and up. The already in game goggles could vision clearer underwater. Could also on top of that have an underwater breathing kit greatly extend breathing time, making underwater bases a possibility but mainly the swimming part bout be better.


Boats - Small ones like rafts. We have small engines, we have wood, we could make a propeller. Would be really handy for rig bases or for crossing some of the massive bodies of water that you find in random gen.


Buoyant blocks - Blocks that you can place on water that support small amounts of weight. For multiple reasons this would be great.


Better Hunting - Not sure personally how to do this one but it feels like it could be more enjoyable and/or challenging and rewarding. Could have packs/herds of animals like with the wolves but with deer. Could make animals more scarce but far more rewarding. A whole deer would feed a group with a fridge for quite a while in the real world (in my opinion). Who knows. Could have tracking or something I dunno.


Twin power source - Im not an electrician but having two sources of power and being able to set one as primary and one as auxiliary would be amazing. Also being able to connect all of our devices to one power grid rather than having separate lines around out house for lights and turrets and whatnot because one source can provide enough power would be nice. Have the primary provide all the power it can and the secondary only provides power when there is higher than the primary is providing. Connecting both a solar bank and a generator to a batter bank to have solar provide power, generators providing power for the overflow and if its at night when the solar doesn't work, and the generator runs out of gas, the batteries kick in.


Secondary Fuel storage - A large gas tank that can be placed and connected via pipes to generators to provide far more fuel. Could also have a smaller one that works a similar way to the two seat minibike mentioned earlier. A tank that replaces the shopping basked to store more fuel that the engine can use. If both are put in, you'd have the choice between more fuel, storage space or a second person. The same thing could be used to balance, reducing the speed of the minibike by 1/3 when its equipped.


There are other things but that's all i can think of for now.

Any comments or other suggestions?

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