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2 ENTIRE BASES DELETED after being kicked from server...again :/


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A friend and I were playing on a server he had on 7 days, we had built at the World's End snow cabin. He was playing one day after putting in so much work and he got kicked out (happens like 10 times a day) when he rejoined-the entire map had been reset. So we stopped playing for a while.


So a couple weeks ago, we started a new map because we missed playing. We grinded this game like crazy-we had just gotten back from looting, sorted everything into our boxes and AGAIN-KICKED AND THE 2 ENTIRE BASES WE WERE WORKING ON HAVE BEEN RESET-with the exception of a few pieces.

We were at the Lake cabins near The Boobie Trap. We both had started to add on to the cabins, had over 2 stacks of tokens that weren't in our inventories, 2 forges, 2 construction tables, 2 chemistry tables, a ton of things I bought from the traders to upgrade our base, a full garden, a bunch of upgraded clothes, tools and weapons, a ton of ammo-a gazebo...ALL GONE.


How are we even supposed to play this? We put in HOURS and HOURS of work just to lose it all. I was even level 125, had a bunch of skills maxed out, and we can't even restart building on this map because now a bunch of the stuff we need like the construction bench, chemistry table, etc. are gone now that we harvested them for our bases they are gone. This map is now useless.


We were having a great time in this game but now after this happening twice and since we put in twice as much work as last time we don't even want to play or restart-it will just happen again. :upset:

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