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Adult Gamers Age 30+ Have two Servers Vanilla and Darkness Falls!

Two Penguins

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Have you gave up on playing with others Online because of work demands causing you not to be able to keep up? Missing the group experience of 7 days to die? Missing an active discord with people from all walks of life? (Our Prime time in discord appears to be after 6pm eastern Tues-Friday). Looking for more adults to play with? TPG | Two Penguins Gaming Now has two (2) “7 days to die” servers available for you!


Server One: Vanilla

TPG| Another Brick In The Wall

Is a customized vanilla (No Download required)

120 minute cycles

Hardness 5

As of this posting we are on day 240

** Admins have placed Hidden treasures all over map

** Admins have created a Bandit stronghold/dungeon that you can access on weekends (5 players)



Server Two: When Darkness Falls

TPG| When Darkness Falls

Using the Darkness Falls Mod (and loving it)

120 Minute daily cycles

Hardness 2 (will increase over time)

As of this posting we are on on day 7


Do NOT worry about having to work and falling behind! Admins will be more than happy to help you when you get on to get things done. Just need to Log in at minimum 1 time in 7 days and play. NO, we will not Spawn you items in BUT, we will run with you and escort you to raid or loot.


The Community are all very Helpful and adults from all walks of life. We were lucky to find such a good group of people.


Outside of 7 days to die We play,


Cards Against Humanity ONLINE and FREE : on Saturday and maybe during the week if enough people to join.


We are attempting to start playing Left 4 Dead 2 for some quick fast paced Zombie 187




So how do you join?


1)You MUST be 30 years of age or older.

2)You MUST have Discord.

3)YOU CAN NOT have any VAC, Community, Game or Forum Bans.

4)You MUST be a member in good standing with steam for a minimum of ONE (1) Year.

5)ADD NCHitman as a friend on Steam

6)ADD NCHitman#2359 on Discord as a friend.

7)Message Him on Discord that you seen this post and your age.


That is it. As soon as he responds to you it will be about 20 minutes for him to check for any BANS and then talk to you in discord and if all is good then your in.


PLEASE, PLEASE. PLEASE Do NOT respond here for an invite because you may be missed, Do not ask questions here, send them to discord Because your question may be missed.


We hope to see you soon and better yet to see you become a part of this Adult Gamer Community!


[email protected]




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