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-<Empire Builders>- High Perf. Server - Lost minibiek FIX! - PVP


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* High performance server with ultra fast NVME SSD Harddrive ( up to 6 times faster than SSD)

* Cities all over the map, much less running simulator :)

* Much faster leveling at first, but slows down at higher levels. 250 Max level

* More flat Areas for grand construction

* MINIBIKE FIX! If you loose your bike, and you have a lock on it, simply type "#lostbike" in chat, and it will be delivered to your feet.

* New server, so get ahead :D


Daylength: 70 minutes

Dawn: 3AM

Difficulty :5

Loot: 75%

Loot Respawn: 7 days

Block Durabillity: 75%

Land Claim Block Area: 21 Blocks

Land Claim Decay Time: 7 days

Land Claim Deadzone:30 Blocks

Land Claim Strength Online: X4

Land Claim Strength Offline X8

Max Players: 30




Server Specs:

i7 7700K @ 4.5 GHz


NVME Solid State Drive

1 Gbit Connection

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