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Hybrid Server Functionality


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Running a public hybrid server right now. We allow players to PvP in the North and other players are free to PvE in the South. It would be nice to have control over block powers and Land Claim Block effects based on areas. Even if it was just North & South or quadrants of NW, NE, SW, SE. For example PvP'rs wanting to base raid could have almost no LCB buffs. Where players in the designated area for PvE could have the infinite setting for LCB buffs. A new setting flag for PvE / PvP would be helpful as well. So you could be flagged as PvP or PvE and as such while flagged PvE you would be immortal to PvP kills etc... And your LCB powers would take on the additional buffs and vice versa with a cool down timer for switching between states of PvP / PvE like in wow. Preventing a player from switching to PvP getting a kill and then immediately switching back to PvE. This would facilitate allowing more people to have more fun together and that is what we want right?
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