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Recourse for Server Admins

Deez Games

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The problem

Currently, administrating a 7 days server can be challenging to enforce a PvE rule-set.


The goal

As an administrator, I would like the ability to know who has entered someones base and stolen a players resources.


A potential solution

While it is impossible to code every tile to show every player that has walked past it, having a way to see who has opened a given door could be useful, though this could perhaps potentially cause server lag if every door activation had an additional list attached to it. Perhaps instead, coding land claim blocks to keep a list of each player that triggers its radius. This could be a less intrusive way to keep a list on a potentially indestructible tile of each player triggering its protective function.



The overall benefits of this feature could give administrators the ability to, at the very least, see who has been in a given area, and using the "last online order" to cross reference the list of players on the server, could pin down what player could have broken a PvE server's rules much more readily with only a small addition to a particular type of tile that was already created to benefit a PvE leaned rule-set.



Does anyone know the viability of this? Gamewide? Via a mod?


Deez Games,

Deez Games PvE

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