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Hello all you 7 Days to Die Addicts!

Two Penguins

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Hello all you 7 Days to Die Addicts out there. We want to extend an invitation to all you older gamers, 30 years and older, to come join us on an adult server “Another Brick In The Wall.”


We are a drama free zone with members who enjoy helping one another, sharing ideas, laughs, and life.

We are a password protected server. In addition all members have been vetted as will all prospects. We do this to insure no member has ever had a vac or community ban. As well as a minimum of 1 year in good standing with steam. All prospects must have and sign on to Discord before being permitted to jin the server. Thus a mic and speakers/headset are a MUST.


Our server:

*Game play level varies and will increase as time goes on.

*Air drops decrease after time and subject to be change daily.

*24 hour cycle are 120 minutes in real life.

*Game stage xml has been modified to cause blood moon to last most of the night.

*Stack size of some items have increased.

*Admins are active

*Server operated by husband and wife team and knowledgeable admins who are more than willing and want to make your game play experience as fun and entertaining as possible.


We are starting to play Cards Against Humanity on Saturday evenings online and discord.



If you are 30 years of age or older.

If you Have and WILL Use Discord (We can help you set one up).



Step One: Add NCHitman on Steam as friend

Step Two: Add NCHitman#2359 as a friend and send message with your age


We look forward to seeing you all soon.


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