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LvL 30 and UP (IRL) -={ 7 }=-

Two Penguins

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Introducing -={ 7 }=- The Adults Over 30 PvE Server.


Server Based in Atlanta, Ga.

120 minute cycles.

18 Hour Days.

110% loot.

Vanilla Navezgane Map.

Only Minor Mods (Stack Size/Fuel Tanks/Horde Night All Night).

Simple UI

Password Protected.

No Bot/Server Manager

Active Admins (Husband and Wife)

Vetted Members (See Below Under Requirements).

World is Saved several times each day.

Server reboots twice a day to help provide a smooth gaming experience.




Discord is a MUST.

No VAC or Community Bans.

Member of Steam for 1 year.

Age 30 or Older.

Sorry no Exceptions.



Add NCHitman#2359 on Discord as friend

Add NCHitman aka Chaplain on Steam as friend

Send a message in Discord and then We will view your steam and check for Bans or black list status.

You will be invited to Discord Server Chat.

We will go over Community standards and answer any questions and if felt a good fit on both sides yu will be asked to read rules and agree to them then you are given password. Thos whole thing should take less than 30 minutes.


Yes, it sounds like a lot. But, it insures we get the right people in our community and not someone hell bent on destroying other peoples fun and hard work.


-={ 7 }=- is a server of Two Penguins Gaming



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