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New Melee Combat Concept (standard, power, block)


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I like the idea of the power attack, but there is one more element to the combat system that is lacking; defense.


New Melee System Concept:


Left-Click: Standard Attack

Left-Click (Hold): Charge for power attack (extra stamina used)

Right-Click (Hold): Use weapon to block enemy attacks (extra stamina used)


Blocking: Holding your weapon up to block attacks will use as much stamina as a power attack. The purpose of blocking is to grant players extra strategy by timing blocking and attacking in combat, and/or by allowing them a chance to safely back out of engagements (example: player is stunned. Blocking can aid the player by preventing further damage).


Defensive Perks: Upgrading defensive perks will decrease the total stamina used per absorbed hit by an enemy. Blocking range/radius can also be slightly increased. A "push-back" upgrade can also be unlocked at some point.


Push-Back (Skill): When a zombie strikes a player that is in the "Block" position, that zombie will also be pushed back a few feet, ASSUMING, the player's stamina is at full at the time of the attack.


For the game to get the most out of melee combat, it needs to implement some sort of defensive system.

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