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My admin base will need to be Player Tested


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Hello Everybody, I am testing out a base design for my server admin bases. I think I've got a pretty solid build for it. Its quite extatic. How ever, there aren't always a lot of players that tend to hop on my server and if anything they tend to run away. Anyhow once I am finished with this build, I would like to welcome anyone to try and come and raid the base. There will be NOTHING to steel from it. You will not be granted admin rights. You will have to break into the base Legitmately. How ever in the end I'm basically trying to build a player proof admin base for my server admin. I am not quite finished with the build. I don't know if I'll have enough time before Alpha 17 hits our hands. Joel said he'd probably have another video out next weekend. So that means I have some time. I will probably use my design in 17. Well cheers. When I'm done I will post the server info on this thread, of course if 17 hits before I'm done then it wont happen this go around.

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