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Traps, items, abilities & more


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- rolling log trap.

- swinging log trap.

- spike-wall trap from Wrong Turn.

- trip-wire triggered traps (don't know if this is already a thing?).



- swords (I'm not saying go medieval, but swords do have a practical use in an apocalypse).

- spears.

- shields (arguably one of the best things to have during a zompocalypse). Craft a makeshift one or find a police riot shield.

- more variety of general items & ability to use any wieldable item as a weapon. I.e. Bashing in a zombie head with a guitar would be fun.

- security cameras & monitors to go along with the electricity update.

- proximity alarm.

- flaming & explosive arrows (if it's not already a thing).


Aesthetics :

- kill animations. Make zombie deaths a little more satisfying with a finishing move animation, such as an axe getting lodged in its skull and ripping it back out, instead of just the basic swing animation.

- better/more realistic animations for resource gathering. Particularly cutting down trees.

- swimming & latter climbing animations.

- arrows stick (don't know if this was already added). But seeing my arrow sticking out of the zombie head I just shot is aesthetically pleasing to me.



- fishing. Already suggested many times I know, but please add fishing!! Makes too much sense not to be included.

- instant-kill sneak attack. Like in many other games, sneaking up behind your enemy and performing and instant kill move is badass. The animation would depend on the weapon you're wielding.

- grabbing ledges when jumping, to pull yourself up to a higher surface or to catch yourself from falling into a pit.



- random events. Nothing too fancy, but something like coming around a corner and seeing a zombie feasting on a corpse perhaps.

- more environmental interaction. Sitting down to increase stamina regeneration would be nice. Opening car doors (possibly using cars as a place to hide?).

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