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Crossroads: Custom Hubs for 7 Days To Die (Alpha16.4)


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Crossroads01.jpg.1f8653056e30b54fdf2b280937188c35.jpgA possible spawn from this hub type


This is an expansion for the rwgmixer.xml file that adds a new type of hub: the crossroads. Instead of a settlement it inserts a short road into a crossroads that always spawns a gas station and possibly up to one diner, one Motel, one or more bars/stripclubs/saloons/etc and some filler prefabs.


How to set it up (It is recommended to first make a backup of every file you are going to alter!):


You need to open your rwgmixer.xml with one of the better editors, I use the free notepad++ which works perfectly for my needs. If you copy any of the lines here into your rwgmixer.xml, they should automatically have the right format, if they are too wide on the left, keep the whole paste selected and use the TAB key to move the whole block to the right until it fits.



Add this line

<hub_rule name="crossroads" prob="??"/>

to the other hub rules in


<cell_rule name="default">

(you'll have to change the prob="??" to something that matches the other hubs)



Then add these lines

<hub_rule name="crossroads">
  <hub_type value="town"/>
  <width value="200, 250" />
  <height value="200, 250" />
  <path_material value="asphalt" />
  <path_radius value="10" />

  <prefab_rule name="crossroadsGroup"/>

  <street_gen level="5" length_multiplier="5">
   <axiom value="[FFFF]"/>

to the other hub rules in <hub_rules>



And finally add these lines


<prefab_rule name="crossroadsGroup">
  <prefab rule="crossroadsGasGroup" min_count="1" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab rule="crossroadsDinerGroup" prob="1" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab rule="crossroadsMotelGroup" prob="100" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab rule="crossroadsExtraGroup" prob="50" max_count="3"/>
  <prefab rule="crossroadsFillerGroup" prob="50" max_count="1"/>

<prefab_rule name="crossroadsGasGroup">
  <prefab name="gas_station1" prob="1" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab name="gas_station2" prob="5" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab name="gas_station3" prob="10" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab name="gas_station4" prob="50"  max_count="1"/>
  <prefab name="gas_station5" prob="100"  max_count="1"/>

<prefab_rule name="crossroadsDinerGroup">
  <prefab name="diner_01"  prob="1" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab name="diner_02"  prob="5" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab name="fastfood_01" prob="10" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab name="fastfood_02" prob="50" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab name="fastfood_03" prob="100" max_count="1"/>

<prefab_rule name="crossroadsMotelGroup">
  <prefab name="hotel_roadside_01" prob="1" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab name="hotel_roadside_02" prob="5" max_count="1"/>

<prefab_rule name="crossroadsExtraGroup">    
  <prefab name="bar_sm_01" prob="1" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab name="bar_stripclub_01" prob="10" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab name="store_salon" prob="50" max_count="1" />

<prefab_rule name="crossroadsFillerGroup">    
  <prefab name="vacant_lot_med_01" prob="1" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab name="vacant_lot_med_02" prob="5" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab name="vacant_lot_sm_01" prob="10" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab name="vacant_lot_sm_02" prob="50" max_count="1"/>
  <prefab name="water_tower_01"  prob="100" max_count="1"/>

somewhere into <prefab_rules>


This hub is a town hub so every prefab in this list (as well as those you want to add) needs to have "town" in their

property name="AllowedTownships" value=

line and any entry besides "any" in

property name="Zoning" value=

At least in 16.4 <property name="Zoning" value="any"> does not work although it's found in several Vanilla prefabs (Any, all or All doesn't work either).


These new hubs will appear depending on the place in the row of hub rules and the prob="?? " of each entry so you'll have to experiment with the Random Gen World Previewer until you get to a number that fits your playstyle. Personally I have tweaked it so on average 2 in 9 hubs spawn as crossroads but my rwgmixer.xml is 80% customized so I can offer no settings that will get the same result in a Vanilla game.


BTW, I am aware that prob="??" is usually in the 0.0001 to 1 range but a 1 to 100 range works too and at least in my testing produces better results.


Terms of use: Have fun with playing, tweaking, tinkering and altering this small contribution in SP or on your server. If you include it in your own published version of an rwgmixer.xml or a MOD, please credit.

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