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Looking for players!


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Im looking for chill mature people to start a coop survival PvE with. My psn is tyler_4567.

(I am not a squeaker, and I prefer non-squeakers too)


The settings that will be set are:


Game World: Navezgane


Standard Options

Difficulty: Scavenger or Adventure (your choice)

Zombies Run: Default or Never Run

Enemy Aggression: Normal

Daylight Length: 18 hours


Modded Options

Drop on Death: Backpack Only

Drop on Quit: Nothing

Enemy Memory: 30 Seconds

Enemy Spawning: Low or Medium (your choice)

Block Durability: 100

Loot Respawn Time: 5 Days

Loot Abundance: 200%

Air Drops: 24 IG Hours

24 Hour Cycle: 40 or 50 min (your choice)

Mark Air Drops: On

Unowned Minibike Icons: Off

Cheatmode: Off (I prefer this off when trying to do a survival coop)


Also if anyone wants to make a creative world so we can just build and enjoy let me know!

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