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7daystodie-sh4mpo - PVE server


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A server for the working players.

I am working myself and besides that im going to school as well so i don't have that much time. What bothered me the most is that when i was playing on a server that it would go pretty slow which made it a bit boring because you don't have that much time to play, which makes you feel like you are getting no where in a lot of time ( while it's practically no time at all )

But for that reason i decided to set up this server.

I set the leveling quite a bit faster then the vanilla 7 days to die configuration.


The land claim expiry time is 30 days. (realtime)

The loot abundance is 3x

The loot respawn days is 3 (ingame)

The difficulty is 3

The zombies don't run at all right now, but that will change once i'm done setting up everything like spawn and such.

There is a live map available.

We have a nice teleport system where you can set 5 different teleport points.

Besides that there is a shop where you can buy tools and such with the Zdukes you'll get for playing and killing zombies.

There is a spawn where you could stay the evening on a 7th day for example, in this spawn there are



cement mixers

working stations

chemistry stations

free for use!

besides i have placed storages for people who want to be generous and give stuff to beginning players, they could be put in here.

When you join for the first time be sure to read the signs, otherwise you won't be able to get out of spawn.



Want to join our discord? you are more than welcome !:)


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