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Hello all,


This game has taken a hold of me the past few years and, while I struggle to extricate myself from its grasp, I've had a few thoughts over the years that I think would be nice additions to the game. I'm sure that I'm not the first one to come up with any of them, but on the off-chance that there's a nugget of value in here...


1. Conservation of bottles/cans: Any recipe that uses a bottled/canned liquid yet does not result in a bottled/canned liquid should yield the empty bottle/can as a result of the recipe. This is already done for drinking liquids, but it would be cool to have it work on recipes in the campfire and chemistry station too. Or is there no built in mechanism for producing two outputs for these recipes (e.g. blueberry pie and en empty bottle)?


2. Headshot/distance bonus to experience: Since range and shot location are both kept track of, I think it would be cool if "difficult" shots gave more experience than poor ones. In other words, the longer the shot distance, the more experience. And a headshot bonus to experience. For all I know, this is already implemented in the game (I haven't done testing or anything), but I suspect it's not.


3. Fix smelt/swap exploit: Currently you can easily bypass the time restrictions on smelting by starting to smelt an item with a low time, turning off the fire, swapping in an item with a long smelting time, and then turning on the fire again (I typically shut the crafting window before the counter gets down to 0 to avoid glitching, but I'm not sure that that's necessary).


4. Hood/hat equality: Currently, in the initial set of quests, you are not given the option to make a plant fiber hat instead of a hood (regardless of whether the biome you're in is better suited to one vs the other). It would be nice if either one would satisfy the requirement.


5. Underwater treasure: I feel like a substantial portion of my treasure quests end before they begin once I discover that the marker is sitting in the middle of a huge body of water. It would be nice if the placement could be chosen so as to avoid this.


6. Zombies digging: Right now it's fairly easy to avoid hordes by simply setting up an underground base with no nearby entrance. It would be a game changer if zombies were able to effectively target the blocks beneath them when that is clearly the direction that the player is in (e.g. on horde nights). Perhaps a mo-cap of a digging zombie when this special behavior is triggered? Similarly, it would also be cool if the cops could vomit downward to aid zombie progress.


7. Railing thickness: When ladders were given a bit of thickness (via an actual 3d model), I think it was a great improvement. It would be nice to see that extended to the other structural elements of the game which are still 2d (e.g. some of the railings).


8. Trader pinger: An idea for a higher level craftable (or maybe only purchasable) item would be a trader pinger. The idea is that, while being held, your map would display a ping from the location of the nearest trader to you. This would be a very cool boon in the mid- to end-game I think.


9. Retracting/rope ladder: One thing that I think a lot of the house POIs suffer from is the eyesore of a stationary wooden ladder leading up to the attic. Realistically, a retracting staircase (or ladder) would make a lot more sense and look a lot more suitable. You could even have them be "hidden" in certain cases. Another similar idea would be to allow the crafting of a rope ladder. In terms of zombie base-building techniques, crafting a retractable (rather than fixed) ladder seems pretty high up there and would be a very cool feature. and could open up some interesting base designs.


10. Save & Exit: For the benefit of newcomer's to the game, I would suggest changing the EXIT button to say SAVE & EXIT (since it's not immediately clear that this is what's going to happen).


11. Reliable minibike book access: While I appreciate the fact that every playthrough is made different by the RNG behind which recipes you get at which points, I think that some recipes are SO fundamentally important to game progression that they should either not be gated by a random find (the way that wrenches are not, for example) or they should be made available (perhaps at a high price) at all traders. In other words, I think it's important to make sure that there is a way for players to eventually be assured access to the quality-of-life upgrade that is the minibike without relying purely on random chance.


12. Cupboards should only trigger from the front: I find it breaks immersion a bit when I can open the cupboards in a completely locked down room from the outside the room by activating the back side of the cupboard.


13. Storage crate vs chest: It would make sense for the crate to hold more than the chest, given the size differential and the material requirements.


14. QUICK STACK: Perhaps my number one request is the implementation of a quick stack feature like the one in Terraria. In other words, when clicking a particular button, your items are stacked into all unlocked boxes/chests that your character is in range of (provided that a stack of that item already exists in the chest). OMG, this would be so amazing...


15. Basket quality: I think it would make sense for poor quality baskets to have slots filled/blocked, making them less useful. You only get full access once the basket is of suitably high quality.


16. Item sale saturation: Currently, when you've sold a number of the same items to a trader he will eventually refuse to purchase more from you. Personally, I think it would be cool if you were given a visual cue (like the item taking on a red cast or something) when he was tired of seeing a particular item, but then he simply reduced the price he was willing to pay dramatically. Sometimes I just want to get rid of the ♥♥♥♥ I brought (even if it's not for top dollar).


Anywho....that's all I got off the top of my head. Thanks to anybody who made it this far!



Navier Stoked

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