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7 Days To Die - The Hermithood's Adventure


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Hello, My name is David but on YouTube my name is "The Hermithood." I create a variety of content but mostly open world, survival, crafting, atmospheric & rpg games. As of Lately I just started playing 7 days To Die so I am relatively just a new guy to this game. Played it before but was never really able to get into it until recently. After playing games like 35MM, Miasmata and recently Betrayer I found myself starting up 7 Days To Die and actually doing an LP of the game. I rather enjoy it, and it's a learning experience.


Come check out my channel here:



Or the playlist here:



What you can expect: All of my videos are recorded using Action! in 1080p 30 fps and encoded using Movie Maker & compressed utilizing Handbrake. Some quality is lost during this process but due to rural internet being capped at 5Mbps Upload & 24 Mbps Download by all local ISP's I have to make due with what my area can provide. Be that as it may, I plan on uploading 7 days To Die Monday-Friday for 9AM EST. I will not be posting various videos in this thread, instead just the playlist as shown above. Today I am preparing episode 27 for tomorrow morning. Feel free to share my content anywhere you want, all I ask is for a heads up if you wish to use my content in creations of your own.


For Posting Updates:


I'll swing by here every so often perhaps once a week we'll see how things go first to let you know what my plans are or if anything changes. Sometimes when I feel like just kicking back and gaming all day I can let time slip away from me & realize I got 5-7 episodes of footage later on. Situations like that I will most definitely keep this thread posted & up to date so you know what to expect.


Thank you all & have a wonderful day :smile-new:

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Broken Reload Animation? Or Advance Further?


Hi Guys & Gals,


Hope your adventures are going a it better than mine. In these latest episodes ever since we created the crossbow & more recently the blunder-buster not sure if this would be a bug or not. In episode 32 we took the Blunderbuss out for a spin to go hunt for some zombies and getting jammed on reload has been a continuous problem. We can see the reload animation happen but same thing happens as with the crossbow, it's like the animation is broken or there's some kind of bug I can't put my finger on it. So before I go making any kind of bug reports I would like to know what your thoughts & opinions are. Is it a possible bug or do I need to advance further before the jam can stop occurring?


Here's episode 32-


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