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TsuGaming.com | Ravenhearst 4.x PVE (7 Day Horde Edition)


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TsuGaming.com - The Place - Ravenhearst PVE (Regular 7 Day Edition)




Tsunami Gaming has been around for nearly 15 years! We've seen all kinds of games and players come and go, but our community is centered on the people. If you're looking for more than just a game server to play on, give us a chance. More information on our website: www.TsuGaming.com. This isn't just another rented server. This is dedicated hardware set up by an IT professional. We run our own 7 Days Servers, our own botman server, and other game servers. We have flexibility and technical knowledge that most server admins do not. What we don't know we find out. Play on a server where the admins aren't just active ... they go above and beyond to make it an experience!


And while we strive to be as high in the official ranking system as possible, quite honestly we have a lot of lazy bums that can't be fussed to go to a web page (and automating it from in game can get you banned). It's not always about rank, but quality and atmosphere. No unreasonable rules. No censorship. Just some good-ol-fashioned apocalyps'n. :p


The server address of the latest version is:

Need to know more, such as how to get the mod installed? www.tsugaming.com

Have questions, want a character wiped, have a request? Our Facebook and Discord responses are VERY quick.




Managed by an administrator with 20 years of IT experience and "does this for a living"

As updates come out, we usually apply them faster than rented game hosts can!

Self-hosted botman server. We know Linux, SQL, and scripting. Expect the best!

Powerful Xeon processor with operations optimized for Unity (7 Days to Die game server)

M.2 SSD storage - The fastest storage on the planet for a game that needs it

Terabytes of backup storage - plenty of room to back up your valuable player data regularly

Minmum of 32GB of RAM - The server ALWAYS has enough memory to handle busy days

Premium US-based datacenter with gigabit uplink and low pings, even for European and Asian players

Player data is automatically backed up at the hardware level multiple times per day

Active admins to answer questions and help with technical problems

Admins proactively check server logs for bugs, glitches, and performance issues.

Discord Server (Invite here: https://discord.gg/tuxP8zz)

World map visible to all players: www.tsugaming.com/tgn14

A long history of running game servers and voice servers professionally/commercially.


And most importantly... FREE COOKIES! :D



More information about this Ravenhearst server (activity, stats, available commands, world map, etc): http://tsugaming.com/tgn15/.


We hope to see you in game!


Tsunami Gaming and The Place have merged 7 Days to Die communities! Visit http://www.TsuGaming.com for more information.

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Economy has been tweaked (botman) and shop opened (botman). New players have been "singing praises" of how helpful our players are. If you're thinking about playing Ravenhearst or aren't happy with your current server, come join us. You won't regret it!

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A Top 10 server, The Place, has merged with the 7 Days to Die sub-community of Tsunami Gaming (TGN/Tsunami Gaming Network) who also has a Top 10 server! Two of the best server communities in 7 Days to Die have combined forces to provide you with some of the highest quality experiences out there!


Information has been updated in the original post. Please visit www.TsuGaming.com for more information!

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